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Making good choices for our environment is one way that We Put Print to Work.

There are environmental tradeoffs in every choice we make, and there is no simple "right answer". Effective stewardship requires a careful examination of the larger picture that compares the entire life-cycle from raw materials to energy use and end of life, to fully understand the impact and performance of both electronic media and paper.

Here is a quick fact comparing the two: E-media account for nearly 15 percent of CO2 emissions, and exceed those of the paper industry by more than 2.5 times with little recapture, while managed U.S. forests absorb more than 100 percent of the CO2 released in papermaking

Not only is print a more effective option, it is a more environmentally friendly option.

At Westmoreland Printers we are conscious of the choices we make, so We Put Print to Work for our environment as well. Here are a few examples of how we do so:

  • Our standard house sheet is FSC certified, and contains 10% post-consumer waste, and is produced by a mill that utilizes environmentally friendly Elemental Chlorine Free process
  • According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 90% of deforestatioin is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices. That's why we have started utilizing a sheet of paper that is made from eucalytus rather than traditional pulp wood. Because eucalyptus is harvested in only 4 years, it is far more sustainable than traditional pulp woods.
  • We recycle nearly 100% of our waste paper. In fact, over the past year, we have recycled over 14 tons of waste paper, enough to save 238 trees.
  • We use printing ink that typically contains a higher content of vegetable oil than of petroleum oil... but our inks contain no soybean oil. The explosive growth of the bio-diesel industry has dramatically increased the demand for soybean and palm oil. This has resulted in acceleration in the destruction of tropical rain forests as these and other environmentally-critical regions are converted into soy plantations.

The link below offers a wealth of information about the sustainability of print, and it's advantages over electronic media. Take a look, and see how print can work for you... and the environment.

Click the banner below and get the facts about paper, printing and the environment.

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