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A Heritage of Craftsmanship and Service Since 1887

In 1887, John Franklin Westmoreland opened a printing company in Thomasville, North Carolina. At this time, type was set by hand, much in the same way as when Johann Gutenberg first employed moveable type. From these humble beginnings in a room in his brother’s chair factory, J.F. Westmoreland began a heritage of craftsmanship and service to businesses and individuals throughout the Carolinas and beyond that has continued for well over a century.

By 1917, his son, William A. Westmoreland, took over the business and continued the tradition into a new century. With the advent of the Merganthaller Linotype, the second generation Westmoreland printer did not hesitate to embrace the new technology to better serve his customers with print houses located in Clover, South Carolina, and Durham, North Carolina.

The third generation entered the printing business, operating the business in Clover, South Carolina. Doug Westmoreland was the last of the Westmoreland printers to make a living using exclusively letterpress equipment.

As the fourth generation entered the industry, offset lithography began to make changes in the way printing was done. Jack Westmoreland moved readily into this new technology, eager to satisfy the needs of his customers. By the early 1970’s he operated the largest printing firm in York County, South Carolina. By the late 1970s his son, Frank had joined him.

The most recent of this family of printers to open a printing company is Wes Westmoreland. Though his father was a veterinarian, Wes chose to continue the family tradition as the 5th generation of Westmoreland printers, opening Westmoreland Printers, Inc. in Shelby, North Carolina, in 1999.

As each generation of the family has created a business, it has taken advantage of new, revolutionary changes within the industry to better meet the changing needs of the public they have served. Wes has been no exception. Wes had the opportunity to start the business early in the digital revolution. With nationally recognized expertise in computer-based typography, Wes began with the idea fully utilizing recent innovations, assuring faster turnarounds and high-quality standards, while allowing customers to control as much of the design process as they wished.

Since opening in 1999, Westmoreland has acquired the best of five printing companies and forged a powerful strategic alliance to bring significant technology and production resources to our clients. In 2001 Westmoreland acquired the assets of Riviere Printing Company, founded in 1964 by Ted Riviere. Riviere Printing was one of the first process color shops in the Carolinas, with a reputation for the finest in quality and service. Wes had managed Riviere Printing from 1987 until Mr. Riviere’s passing in 1999.

In 2009, Westmoreland acquired the assets of G.P. Speed-O-Print, a well-respected Shelby print house founded and operated by Richard Weaver since 1973.

In early 2011, Westmoreland announced the purchase of the assets of Powerhouse Color of Charlotte, bringing to its offering expanded digital and large format capabilities. Founded in 1991, Powerhouse Color has been recognized as one of the premier digital print and signage companies in the Charlotte region, specializing in boutique marketing, print, and signage for small to medium-sized businesses, individuals, and not-for-profit organizations.

In 2013, Westmoreland Printers purchased Shelby Business Cards. SBC was founded by Boyd Hendrick, Jr., and provided thermography to the trade throughout the southeastern United States. Westmoreland remains one of the few printers in the Carolinas with the capability of in-house thermography.

In July of 2021, Westmoreland purchased the Printin' Press in Kings Mountain, NC. The Kings Mountain office expands the Westmoreland footprint into a rapidly growing area of the county.

Much has changed in the printing industry since J.F. Westmoreland opened in 1887. The modern printing facility in Shelby is one that would be difficult to recognize by the early generations of Westmoreland printers. What has not changed for over a century is the commitment to the clients which each generation of this family has served.

Putting Print to Work for customers throughout the Carolina Piedmont and beyond, Westmoreland Printers is located at 2020 East Dixon Boulevard in Shelby, NC, (704-482-9100) and online at

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